Our Story

It’s true what they say; an animal is a human’s best friend and in that way should be cared for as such!


Back in 2009 my dog, Montana, became overweight as he was getting older. In order for us to have as much quality time left together as possible, the vet recommended that I start walking Montana more as well as putting him on a diet to knock off about 30 pounds. A diet? I really wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish this. After all, Montana was a solid 190 lb. Husky/Rottie/Bearnaise mountain dog mix. I had no idea what a diet was for a dog. I figure like most people, the food and treats you buy for your dog was healthy. My vet pointed out to me pay attention to ingredients. Wow was I surprised when I realized, the foods I was giving my dogs wasn’t very healthy for Montana. All processed and lots of fats & moisture. Montana wasn’t an active dog as Petie and Colleen were, both border collies and much more active where the higher fat wasn’t causing a problem for them.

I started paying very close attention and reading the labels of the food and dog treats he was being fed. Unhealthy ingredients such higher fats and sugar and or high fructose corn syrup which are staples in many of the mass production foods and treats. I changed Montana’s food and I started baking treats for him that were healthier.  Trying to stay away from the fats & sugars. We walked every day and after 4 months, Montana lost 40 pounds! I was shocked to see what a little change was able to do for him, and amazed how much longer I had with him because of this change. I lost Montana at 10 years old, which for a very large breed dog, that is amazing!

90 percent of the ingredients used in making the biscuits are from local farms throughout New York. I hand pick many of the ingredients that go into the biscuits.

I’m passionate about animals; their health, their safety and getting the love and attention they need and deserve. Not only do I love baking dog biscuits, but I have became fulfilled knowing that I was helping to make a difference and making an all natural dog biscuits.

Thank you,