Our Process

Our process is simple!

Our Process

90% of the ingredients used to make the biscuits are locally sourced. Petie’s Biscuits works with local farmers, using quality ingredients. See below our list of farmers we use.

Biscuits are made almost everyday, to ensure your baby is getting freshly made biscuits. After the biscuits are baked they are stored up to 48 hours removing any excess moisture, before they are packaged.

The 48 hour drying process is very important for a few reasons:

  • To pull excess moisture out of the biscuits.
  • To prolong their shelf life. All Petie’s Biscuits are preservative free!
  • To give your dog the most beneficial ingredients for their health.

Our biscuits have a moisture percentage of 5-10%. Mass produced dog biscuits have an average moisture of 30-40%, which means that these biscuits aren’t providing your dog with all the important, healthy ingredients the need, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

All of Petie’s Biscuits have been laboratory tested for the required guaranteed analysis of moisture, protein, fat, and fiber, and registered with the Department of Agriculture, which is required to sell dog biscuits legally in the state of New York. This information is listed on all our packaging.

All of Petie’s Biscuits have been shelf life tested, it is not a requirement by the state, but Petie’s Biscuits doesn’t release any new biscuits, unless they have been shelf life tested up to a year.

A special thank you to some of the local farms that we use for our ingredients in our biscuits! John Lupinski Farms, Madura Farms, Honeybrook Farms, Hilly Acres Farms & Coopers Town Cheese.

If you have an questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at petiesbiscuits@gmail.com.