Welcome to Petie's Biscuits, where our dog biscuits are homemade and all-natural!

What makes Petie's Biscuits so unique? We start by using high quality ingredients. Petie's Biscuits works directly with local farmers using the freshest, just picked products. No preservatives are used in any of our all natural dog biscuits. We offer several different biscuit flavors, including a grain free biscuit. The care that goes into making Petie's Biscuits continues in the baking, storage and even the packaging process. Give our treats a try, your pup will love you for it!

Petie's Biscuits works with many rescues & shelters doing fund raisers. If you are interested in doing a fund raiser, please contact us at petiesbiscuits@gmail.com. Petie's Biscuits, where rescue is our favorite biscuit!