Not only are Petie’s Biscuits 100% all natural & handmade, their main ingredient is LOVE! Each and every biscuit from their Christmas, Easter and other holiday biscuits; to their newest Peanut Butter Fortune cookies, show Christa’s immense love for dogs. Christa is a big supporter of animal rescue and offers fund raising opportunities for rescue organizations! As the President of a rescue, we are always looking for fun, new ideas to raise money, and Petie’s Biscuits is always a HUGE hit!!! EVERYONE LOVES PETIE’S BISCUITS!

Kim Gallucci
President, Helpers 4 Shelters
Middletown, NY

We haven’t seen our 11 year old Labradoodle and 9 year old Akita get this excited about anything in a long time. We had been looking for a “healthier” treat for them and since we’ve switched their treats to Petie’s Biscuits they come running faster than we’ve seen in a long time! They love them!

Rita & Richard Codos

Sophie springs to attention when we take out her Petie’s Biscuits. Her tail wags and a huge smile appears on her face. She loves Petie’s…and I know for a fact that they are made with nature’s healthiest ingredients…and lot’s of love.

Peter Cohen

I have purchased Petie’s Biscuits for the last four years. When I walk in the door with these treats my dogs go absolutely crazy. They love them! I also purchased these treats for gifts for my family and friends dogs and now have their dogs hooked. My family cannot believe how much their dogs love these cookies! Thank you for making a healthy and tasty cookie for our dogs.

Pam Sierra

I don’t need anymore convincing, since giving our yorkies Petie’s Biscuit treats, I haven’t gone back to mass produced treats. Not only do the dogs love the biscuits but they are perfect for their sensitive stomachs. Additionally, we love that Petie’s Biscuits cater to both small and large dogs. My Nemo is a very happy pup!

Pamella Riley