Our Story

It’s true what they say; an animal is a human’s best friend and in that way should be cared for as such!


Several years ago, my dog, Montana, became ill due to being overweight and getting older. In order for us to have as much quality time left together as possible, the vet recommended that I start walking Montana daily as well as putting him on a diet. A diet? I really wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish this. After all, Montana was a solid 190 lb. Husky/Rottie/Bearnaise mountain dog mix.

I started paying very close attention and reading the labels of the food and dog treats he was being fed. Unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and high fructose corn syrup were staples in many of these items. That was when I started making Montana dog treats, staying away from the sugar and corn syrup that are the fillers in the mass produced dog treat industry. In cutting out those types of treats and walking him on a daily basis, he dropped 40 lbs in 4 months! It became apparent to me what all the unhealthy ingredients were doing to him.

90 percent of the ingredients used in making the biscuits are from local farms throughout New York. I hand pick many of the ingredients that go into the biscuits.

I’m passionate about animals; their health, their safety and getting the love and attention they need and deserve. I wanted to become more involved with helping rescues and shelters. As I began to research and contact various rescues, I learned the hard truth about how many homeless and abused animals there are. I quickly realized that I couldn’t be involved with these animals or the types of people that would drop off a dog at a shelter because of their age. It was too personal to me, I would get so caught up in the abuse, I couldn’t focus on the end result. Ok, so lets try fostering, I would love to foster….who am I kidding I would fail as a foster in 2 minutes and wind up adopting any dog I was fostering. Fundraising, now that I can do!  So Petie’s Biscuits was created! Petie’s Biscuits starting working with several rescues and humane societies, where a portion of all sales would go to helping these babies find their “fur-ever” homes.

Not only do I love baking dog biscuits but, I became fulfilled knowing that I was helping to make a difference in the lives of these animals. I’m proud that I am able to help rescues and shelters through fund raising and dog treat donations.

If you are a rescue or shelter who is interested in doing a fundraiser, please email petiesbiscuits@gmail.com or call me at 845-234-0064.

Thank you,